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The Beauchamp Bar has a unique blend of diversity of food.


A classical restaurant / Bar with a modern  slant, brought to you by an accomplished and enthusiastic

Proprietor/Chef. The chef  uses fresh ingredients to deliver delicious dishes.

Offering a fine range of cocktails, wine and champagne.
Shisha (Hookah) also available outside in a range of different
exquisite flavors.


The Menu consists of various dishes to include:

- Fine European Cuisine
- Asian Cuisine
- Delicacies and Deserts

The Venue Offers  Lunch & Fine Dinning and is open seven days a week from 10am morning to 12.30am (past midnight)


The Beauchamp Menu


Marinated Mix Olives £4.00

Maris Piper Chips £4.00

Garlic Bread £3.95 with cheese £4.95

Humous & Olives with Pita Bread £5.95

Deep Fried Brie served with Cranberry Sauce £5.95

Tomato & Mozzarella Bruschetta £5.95

BBQ Chicken wings served with Chilli sauce £5.95

Southern Fried Chicken Goujons served with Mayo Aioli £5.95

Spicy Spanish Chorizo on flame (3 per portion) £5.95

Tempura King Prawns served with Sweet Chilli Sauce £5.95

Vegetable Spring Rolls served with Soya Sauce £5.95

Chicken Satay Skewers £6.99

Samosa (4 pieces) £6.99
Triangle shaped pastry with a filling of your choice

Vegetable / lamb / chicken

Sheek Kebab (3 pieces) £6.99
Lamb minced kebabs




Goats Cheese Salad £8.75
Salad leaves, onions, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, croutons,

topped with grilled goats cheese

Chicken & Honey Mustard Salad £10.95 with Crispy Pancetta £11.95
Mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, red onion, garlic croutons

and honey & mustard dressing

Chicken Caesar Salad £11.95
garlic parsley marinated chicken served with co lettuce, croutons,

Shaved parmesan and anchovies

Prawn/Chicken & Mango Salad £11.95 marinated prawns served with mixed leaves, tomatoes, cucumber &

Sweet peppadew with sweet chilli sauce.


The Beauchamp Club Sandwich £8.25
Hand sliced ciabatta bread, served with chips triple stacked with sweet cured bacon, chicken, tomato, salad leaves & mayo

The Beauchamp Tuna Sandwich £8.25 Tuna & cucumber mixed with mayo

Toasted Panini’s
Ham & Cheese Panini £6.95 served with cheddar cheese, ham and chips

Chicken, Salad and Tomato Panini £8.25 served with mayo, salad leaves, tomatoes and chicken

and Maris Piper chips

Sharing Plates & Platters for 2 or more

Large Nachos with salsa, guacamole & jalapeno peppers… £10.95
Add chilli beef topping £12.99

Vegetable Spring Rolls, Humous & Olives with pita bread, Nachos with
tomato salsa, guacamole & jalapeno peppers &
Garlic bread with cheese £17.99

BBQ Chicken wings, Tempura King Prawns & sweet chilli dip, Southern Fried
Chicken Goujons & Chicken Satay Skewers £19.99





Chilli Con Carne £11.95
with rice & a few nachos on the side

Tandoori Chicken (3 pieces) £11.95
Chopped salad & yogurt (Marinated in spices)

Vegetarian Spicy Burger £11.95
with Maris Piper Chips & Mixed Salad

Fish & Chips £12.95
Beer battered cod, British Maris Piper chips, tartare sauce and salad

Thai Green Curry £14.25
Tender pieces of chicken breast, served with basmati rice

Moules Marinieres £14.25
Mussels in white wine cream, onion & parsley with Maris Piper chips

The Beauchamp Burger £15.00
7 oz handmade British beef burger, Monterey jack cheese, relish,

salad leaves, tomato & chips

Chicken Curry
Served with basmati rice (Boneless pieces of chicken in gravy) £15.99

Grilled Lamb Chops (4 pieces) £15.99
Served with chopped salad and yogurt (Marinated in spices)

Grilled Salmon £17.50 Succulent Salmon served with Maris Piper Chips & Mixed Salad

Steak & Guinness Pie £12.99 served with mashed potatoes and Onion gravy

Chicken & Mushroom Pie £12.99 served with mashed potatoes and Onion gravy

Lamb Biryani £19.99
Boneless lamb in rice cooked in spices and yoghurt

Served with Basmati rice & yogurt

Rice (White) £5.50




Mixed Macaroons
Vanilla, coffee, chocolate, salty caramel, pistachio and raspberry £4.95

strawberry sorbet £7.25


Cheese Cake

Vanilla flavoured Cheese Cake £6.99


Ice Creams

Vanilla Ice Cream £4.99

Chocolate Ice Cream £4.99

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream £5.50

Pistachio Ice Cream £5.50



Passion Fruit Sorbet £5.50

Frozen Lemon Filled with Sorbet £4.25

Bailey’s Ice Cream Sorbet (three scoops) £6.50